Why Marketing On Live Streaming Platforms is a Big W


Why Marketing On Live Streaming Platforms is a Big W

If we said the words ‘GG’, ‘L’, ‘o7’ or ‘dub’ what instantly comes to mind? If it’s not gaming, you’re a bit of an e-sports n00b and may need to spend a bit more time on streaming platforms, like Twitch, Kick and even YouTube.

Launching in 2011, Twitch is currently the most popular streaming platform, and unsurprisingly, rose to significant prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, growing from 1.28M viewers in January 2022 to almost 3M viewers in January 2022[1].

Like most online platforms, it was only a matter of time before creators began to monetize their content, and brands reached out to strike a deal with them. In addition to influencer advertising, brands can also create Twitch channels themselves to advertise and follow more traditional marketing methods with full-screen videos, homepage headlines, mobile videos and more.

But what’s the appeal? What makes Twitch different from the plethora of other social media platforms? Three words; demographic, interaction, and community. With Twitch’s main demographic being 18-24 year olds, if your brand is looking to build brand awareness and loyalty with Gen-Z, Twitch is the place to do it. On top of this, due to it being a live-streaming platform, if you’re advertising via influencers, it allows people to interact with your Ads in real-time. This live interaction results in a more engaged community, as they can speak to their favourite streamers through their live chat. A more engaged community equals more trust, and more trust means they’re more likely to try the products a streamer recommends, particularly if you’ve cherry-picked the perfect streamer that aligns with your brand to a tee.

Warming up to the idea? Great! However, to successfully advertise on a streaming platform you need to remember some key points:

  1. If you’re opting for a traditional Ad, keep it simple, yet effective. People will be able to spot overly branded advertisements a mile away. The younger generation wants brands to be relatable and spark their curiosity, and not be pushy or in your face.
  2. Pick the right streamers. Don’t just choose someone because they bring in 3,000 viewers a stream (unless they align well with your brand ethos and demographic, then go for it!). Remember, a more engaged community means more trust, and that will only be bolstered if the brand really fits the streamer.
  3. Entertain! Gaming and the world of e-sports are fun, inclusive, and often, laid back. If you decide to create your own branded channel, be prepared to have fun with it, and not take yourselves too seriously.

If we’ve still not convinced you, maybe Ubisoft, Uber Eats and Lexus can, with them all marketing their goods and services via Twitch.

With the e-sports and live streaming landscape itself consistently evolving, you may want to consider jumping on this hype train for your next campaign or integrate it into your always-on strategy.

[1] https://twitchtracker.com/statistics/viewers

Written by Liss