The Power of Community Management 🀝

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The Power of Community Management 🀝

No money…
No campaigns…
Just gifted products and a cheeky DM!

We experienced the benefits of community management first-hand when one of our brands was featured in the Never Have I Ever podcast with Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper.

A simple reach out, a brilliant DM backward and forward, and suddenly we have an entire bonus podcast episode dedicated to the brand.

This just goes to show how, when done well, community management can go a long way!

Our team at re:act is building, growing and nurturing the Trojan Condoms (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) Instagram and TikTok accounts @trojancondoms_uk; we have grown by a whopping 400%+ since January… we have also got them TikTok verified just today. βœ…

You can find the episode here!